The cost of a cosmetic medicine procedure will depend on several factors: the quantity and type of products used as well as the technical difficulty of the procedure.

This is why it is difficult to give precise prices without having discussed and assessed a patient regarding his specific needs and objectives. You will however have a quote and a personalized treatment plan that will be proposed to you during your first consultation.

Nevertheless, some «classic» procedures may benefit from a flat rate.

-20% under 30 years
Payment facility available on request

First consultation: 150 CHF

Botulinic Toxin

Treatment of facial wrinkles using botulinum toxin 1 zone : from 300 CHF
Treatment of facial wrinkles using botulinum toxin 2 zones : from 450 CHF
Treatment of facial wrinkles using botulinum toxin 3 zones : from 600 CHF
Treatment of excessive sweating using botulinium toxin (hands and armpit) : 900 CHF
Treatment to reduce migraines, gummy smile, platysma bands, Nefertiti lift, masseters, grinding, migraine and scrotox : personalized quote at first consultation

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid : from 400 CHF to 650 CHF by syringe, then decreasing according to the number of syringes. Personalized quote at first consultation according to personal treatment plan.
Medical rhinoplasty (hyaluronic acid) : 900 CHF
Full face volume restauration : personalized quote at first consultation according to personal treatment plan

Ultherapy (HIFU)

Eyebrow lift: 550 CHF
Lower face and under chin area: from 1600 CHF to 2’250 CHF
Full face: from 1’800 CHF to 2’500 CHF
Neck: from 1’800 CHF to 2’000 CHF
Neckline: 900 CHF


Standard applicators (Coolcore, CoolFit, CoolCurve) : 650 CHF /zone
Concerned area: Abdomen, buttock crease, crease under bra, side flank, inner thighs, male chest, upper arms.

Big applicator (CoolMax): 990 CHF / zone
Concerned area: Abdomen.

Flat applicator (CoolSmooth): 650 CHF/ zone
Concerned area: Inner thighs or tummy.

Mini applicator (CoolMini): 650 CHF / zone
Concerned area: Double chin, armpit.

PRP (Platelet-Rich plasma)

Scalp or face : 600 CHF 1 tube (5ml), 1000 CHF 2 tubes, 1’500 CHF for 3 sessions

Co2 Laser

Facial rejuvenation by Fractional Co2-laser, full face : from 1000 CHF
Ablative Co2-laser facial rejuvenation : personalized quote at first consultation


Chemical peels: 250 CHF per treatment (750 CHF for our 4 treatments protocol)


Microneedling (dermapen) : 250 CHF per treatment (700 CHF for 3 treatments protocol)
Aquagold : 500 CHF (1’300 CHF for 3 treatments)


-20% under 30 years
Payment facility available on request