Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation with 380cc round implants, submammary incision.
Breast augmentation, round 310cc implants, sub-fascial plane, submammary incision. 2 years follow-up.
Breast augmentation with round silicone implants, subfascial plane, submammary incision. Natural result.
Breast augmentation, round 350cc implants, dual plane, submammary incision. 6 years follow-up.
Breast augmentation with correction of asymetry.
Breast augmentation with 415cc round high profile implants.
Breast augmentation, 320cc round implants
Breast augmentation, 315cc round implants
Breast augmentation, 335cc round implants
Breast augmentation, 285cc round implants
Breast augmentation, 375cc round implants
Breast augmentation, 235cc round implants
Breast augmentation, 265cc round implants

Breast lift

Augmentation-mastopexy. Periareolar lift combined with round silicone implants.
Augmentation-mastopexy. Vertical breast lift combined with 200cc round silicon implants.

Breast lipofilling

Breast augmentation with only fat transfer and no breasts implants.

Breast reduction

Breasts reduction with excision of 600g on each side.

Composite breast augmentation

Composite breast augmentation with 220cc round implants
Composite breast augmentation with 295cc round implants
Composite breast augmentation with 300cc round implants


Eyes and Eyelids

Upper and lower blepharoplasty. Results after 6 weeks.
Upper blepharoplasty. Results after 3 months. This case was paid by the patient’s health insurance.
Upper eyelid surgery
Upper blepharoplasty

Nose - Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic rhinoplasty, 2 years follow-up.
Rhinoplasty, 1 year follow-up, besides the pleasing aesthetic result the patient also breathes much better !
Open rhinoplasty, aesthetic and functional

Prominent ears

Bilateral otoplasty.



Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) and diastasis recti correction.
Combination of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuccion


Large volume liposuccion.
Liposuccion around waist, flanks and tummy for a total amount of 3.7 liters.
Brazilian butt lift, liposculpture and fat transfer in buttock.
High definition liposuction of the abdomen
Liposculture with liposuction of the love handles and thighs and fat transfer to buttocks
Liposuccion and Renuvion®

Note: Individual results may vary. These before-after pictures are not a guarantee of identical results.