Lifting Mammaire

Breast ptosis, mastopexy, mammopexy, breast lift

A breast lift, mastopexia or treatment of breast ptosis is a procedure used to lift and remodel the bust, correcting the drooping caused by the gradual loss of volume of the mammary gland and sagging skin.This normal physiological process, known as breast ptosis, is often accelerated by pregnancies and significant fluctuations in weight. In some cases, the use of implants is required to improve the shape and recover the volume lost. If the ptosis is not severe, the scars may be short, but they are often similar to the scars for a small breast reduction.

From CHF5’000.-
Periareolar mastopexy (scar around the areola)

Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours
Anaesthetic: General, sometimes local with sedation
Hospitalisation: Usually 24 hours, sometimes as an outpatient
Time off work: 7-10 days

Vertical mastopexy (vertical scar)

Duration: 2-3 hours
Anaesthetic: General
Hospitalisation: 24 hours
Time off work: 7-10 days

Classic mastopexy (inverted T scar)

Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours
Anaesthetic: General
Hospitalisation: Usually 24-48 hours
Time off work: 7-14 days

Other treatments:

Breast reduction, Nipple and Areola Surgery

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