The cost of a cosmetic surgery depends on five factors: the modality of anesthesia, the need for a clinical stay, the operating time, the use of special products (eg. implants) and technical difficulty of the intervention.

This is why it is difficult to give estimates without having discussed and examined a patient. You will have a precise quotation of the desired treatment at the end of your first consultation.

Nevertheless, some “classic” interventions may benefit from fixed rate which will include all the pre and post operative care as well.

Here is an overview of the indicative prices :

First consultation : 150 CHF

Some surgeries, that are considered as restorative/reconstructive, may be covered in whole or in part by your insurance. This should be assessed individually by your surgeon who will refer the request to your insurance company. Consultations of these types are automatically covered by insurance.


Upper blepharoplasty : from 3’000 CHF
4 eyelid blepharoplasty : from 5’500 CHF
Lower blepharoplasty : from 4’500 CHF
Rhinoplasty : from 9’000 CHF
Medical rhinoplasty : 900 CHF
Miniface/neck lift : from 7’000 CHF
Face and neck lift : from 10’000 CHF

Otoplasty (protruding ears) : from 4’000 CHF
Eyebrow lift (Browlift) : from 3’000 CHF
Buccal fat pad removal : from 3’500 CHF
Lip lift : from 3’000 CHF
Face lipofilling : from 1’500 CHF, full face (multizones) : from 5’000 CHF
Face Nanofat : from 5’000 CHF


Breast augmentation with implants : 7’900 CHF (round implants), 8’900 CHF (anatomical implants)
Breast augmentation by lipofilling : from 6’000 CHF
Breast lift : from 6’000 CHF
Breast reduction : from 9’500 CHF
Gynecomasty : from 5’000 CHF
Areola plasty : from 3’000 CHF
Nipple reduction : from 2’000 CHF
Invaginated nipple correction : from 3’000 CHF

Intimate surgery

Labiaplasty (labia minora reduction) : from 2’500 CHF unilateral, from 3’500 CHF bilateral
Labia majora lipofilling : from 4’000 CHF
Elongation penoplasty : from 8’000 CHF
Enlargement penoplasty by lipofilling : from 5’500 CHF


Hair micrografts : 6’000 CHF – 8’000 CHF