Covid-19 = Free virtual consultation

During this difficult period, we want to stay as close as possible to our patients while obviously respecting the recommendations of our authorities.

The idea is to get to know each other and to offer us quality time thinking positively despite the difficult times we are going through right now.

We decided to set up a virtual consultation which will be done via Skype, and will be free.

First contact with a 30-minute free consultation

Our surgeons are at your disposal for a 30-minute consultation, for a first contact, to answer questions relating to a treatment you are considering, possibly even performing simulations remotely.

The procedure is:

  1. Request for virtual consultation, via our website, by phone at 022/3465956 or by email at .
  2. Attach your personal email and you will receive an invitation with a web link to follow.
  3. Be connected at the time of the appointment and contact us at the time of appointment using the link you received.

Our Skype contact is: leman aesthetic clinic

See you soon !