Cuisses et jambes

Thigh lift, thighplasty, thigh liposuction

There are various techniques for reshaping and remodelling the thighs and legs. For patients with localised fatty deposits, liposuction is the technique that produces the best results. This may be done along with a fat transfer, as in liposculpture. In some cases, there is a lot of loose skin, which requires a thigh lift. The scar for this kind of surgery is usually very discreet and hidden by underwear.

For patients with very thin legs who want better-proportioned legs, augmentation is possible either using the fat transfer technique or by inserting silicone implants.

Inner thigh lift

Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours
Anaesthetic: General
Hospitalisation: 24 hours, sometimes as an outpatient
Time off work: 10-20 days