Microneedling is a cosmetic skin treatment that rejuvenates and firms your skin by stimulating your own cells to produce new molecules of collagen and elastin. The treatment consists of making multiple micro-perforations on the surface of your skin which will then trigger a healing process from your own body cells. These micro-lesions are almost invisible to the naked eye and induced by a small device with a series of micro-needles which are passed over the surface of the epidermis.
The effect of the treatment will be further increased by combining this treatment with the application of a mixture of vitamin complexes and trace elements specially designed for the skin as well as a natural hyaluronic acid promoting hydration of the dermis.
The treatment will:

  • Brighten and even your skin tone
  • Reduce superficial wrinkles and smooth out the skin
  • Firm the skin of your face, neck or cleavage
  • Tighten large pores

Microneedling is also effective on acne scars, stretch marks, and on the visibility of any mature scar.
The number of sessions varies depending on the type of skin and the target effect. 1 to 3 sessions for a brightening and smoothing boost and 3 to 5 sessions for the treatment of severe acne scars for example. The sessions will be spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart. Our specialists will advise you and establish a personalized protocol with you.

Duration: around 30 minutes
Anesthesia: none or anesthetic ointment
Hospitalization: none
Time off work: none, possibly some redness for 24-48 hours, avoid exposure to the sun for 1 week.