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  • 08 Jan 2024
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Face lifting has undergone a true revolution over the years, with the emergence of innovative techniques that allow for natural and lasting rejuvenation and redefinition of facial contours.

Face lift: a new era

Face lifting has long been a favored solution for maintaining a youthful appearance. However, traditional techniques were sometimes associated with a prolonged recovery period and inherent risks following surgical interventions.

Today, thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, new possibilities are available to regain a fresh and dynamic appearance. Among these advances, the combination of Infinity suspension threads and fat injections offers exceptional results while reducing recovery time.

Infinity suspension threads

Non-absorbable Infinity suspension threads are a revolutionary non-surgical face lifting technique. These threads are composed of biocompatible materials inserted under the skin to support and reposition sagging tissues. One major advantage of this technique is that it also stimulates the natural production of collagen, contributing to more sustainable results.

Fat injections

Fat injections, also known as lipofilling, are another innovative approach to restore youthfulness to the face. This technique involves harvesting autologous fat (from the patient themselves) from one area of the body and strategically injecting it into the face to add volume and fill wrinkles and hollows. Unlike temporary fillers, fat is a natural material that integrates seamlessly into tissues, providing natural and lasting results.

The perfect synergy: suspension threads and fat injections

What makes this combination of Infinity suspension threads and fat injections particularly effective is their complementarity. Suspension threads reposition tissues, giving the face a younger and more dynamic look by correcting sagging skin. Simultaneously, fat injections fill hollow areas and restore volume, enhancing the contours of the face. Together, these two techniques offer a spectacular overall result.

2-week recovery

The quick recovery period is one of the major advantages of these interventions. Unlike traditional face lifting surgery, which may require several weeks of recovery, the combination of Infinity suspension threads and fat injections allows patients to resume their daily activities in just two weeks. This means less post-operative discomfort and less disruption to daily life.

In summary

Face lifting has evolved significantly thanks to innovative techniques such as Infinity suspension threads and fat injections, or even ultrasound. This combination offers exceptional results while significantly reducing recovery time. If you are looking to enhance your natural beauty and regain a fresh and dynamic appearance, consult with an aesthetic medicine professional to discuss these modern options. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results achieved in just two weeks.


What is a face lift?

A face lift is an aesthetic procedure aimed at rejuvenating and redefining facial contours by reducing skin sagging and correcting signs of aging.

What are the advantages of non-surgical face lifting compared to traditional surgery?

Advantages include faster recovery, less post-operative discomfort, natural and lasting results, and fewer risks associated with surgery.

Is face lifting painful?

Most patients experience some discomfort after the procedure, but this is generally manageable with pain medication prescribed by our medical team.

What is the recovery time after a face lift?

Recovery after a face lift combining Infinity suspension threads and fat injections is typically around 10-15 days, considerably shorter than traditional surgical methods.

How long do the results of a face lift last?

Results may vary from individual to individual, but generally, the effects of a face lift with Infinity suspension threads and fat injections are lasting and can endure for several years.