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  • 29 Jan 2024
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In the field of aesthetic medicine, technological advances are opening new doors for more effective and less invasive treatments. Leman Aesthetic Clinic is proud to introduce Infinity Threads, cutting-edge technology in aesthetic surgery that promises to revolutionize facial rejuvenation.

What is Infinity Threads?

Infinity Threads is an innovative technology that utilizes specially designed threads for facial lifting. These new non-absorbable threads are more reliable and effective, providing a rejuvenation solution without the constraints of heavy surgery. They are often combined with other surgical procedures to maximize results and deliver a more natural and youthful appearance. This tool is particularly powerful against visible signs of aging. By restoring volume and firmness to the skin, this technology helps to reduce wrinkles and sagging, offering noticeable facial rejuvenation.

The innovation behind infinity threads

Infinity Threads technology stands out with its unique approach to facial rejuvenation. Developed from in-depth research, it uses the highest quality biocompatible materials, ensuring safety and durability. This innovation is the result of a collaboration between experts in aesthetic surgery and biomaterial engineers, guaranteeing a solution that is both effective and respectful of the skin’s natural physiology.

A localized and quick procedure

One of the advantages of this technology is the simplicity of the procedure. Performed under local anesthesia, this procedure takes between one and two hours depending on the number of threads applied. The shorter intervention time, compared to more invasive surgeries, makes Infinity Threads particularly appealing for those seeking significant results without a substantial time and recovery commitment.

The Treatment Process with Infinity Threads

The treatment begins with a personalized consultation to assess the specific needs of the patient. The procedure itself is minimally invasive, with local anesthesia and a quick recovery time. Patients can typically resume their normal activities shortly after the session, making this option ideal for those leading an active lifestyle.

Results: enhanced volume and youthfulness

Infinity Threads provides immediate results in terms of skin volume and elasticity. The threads work by redefining facial contours and restoring its natural structure, delivering a lifting and rejuvenating effect.

Comparison with other rejuvenation options

Compared to more invasive treatments, Infinity Threads strikes a perfect balance between effectiveness and minimalism. While traditional surgeries require incisions and a longer recovery, this technology offers a swift alternative with visible and natural results.

In summary

Infinity Threads marks a turning point in the field of aesthetic surgery. With this advanced technology, Leman Aesthetic Clinic continues to push the boundaries of aesthetic medicine, providing innovative and safe solutions for those looking to combat signs of aging. Come discover how Infinity Threads can help you achieve a younger and more vibrant appearance with natural and lasting results.