What a peeling can offer you ….

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Why peeling?

What is a Peeling:

Peelings are mixtures of products that remove the very superficial part of the skin (hence the name peel), and suddenly trigger a cascade of reaction to regenerate this skin.
As when after an injury the crust goes away, the skin is all smooth and uniform below, it’s the same.
The new skin will be smoother, more uniform.

What are the different types of peeling?

Depending on the products that make up the mixture, there are different types of peels, from light peels to very strong peels.
A light peel will be done without any social downtime or eviction and will immediately give a small blow to the skin, and of relatively short duration.
The spelling means are a little more aggressive, will be more effective on wrinkles and fine lines, can create a few days of redness, slightly peels the skin in places, the effects will be more prominent and last longer.
The deep peel requires a period of social ejection of 2-3 weeks with redness and peeling of the whole face, even forms small crusts. Afterwards the results can be spectacular and last for years.

What are the benefits of peeling?

A peel therefore smoothens out small wrinkles and fine lines, evens skin tone by reducing spots and hyperpigmented areas. It also helps firm the pores and gives more radiance to the skin.