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You’ve booked your consultation and are about to pop into your Mia® Clinic. Congrats! You made it! Now, what’s next? Some say that the secret to getting ahead is getting started! So if you got that Mia® feeling, your best date is nearly there! The following tips will definitely help you have a successful first appointment with your Mia® plastic surgeon certified by Establishment Labs®.

1. Feel supported every step of the way

Long before your consultation day arrives, we’ll be fully supporting you from start to finish. From the moment you step into your consultation, you’ll have made the first move towards a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience. You’ll be supported by your qualified surgeon and your Mia® Concierge, who will assist you on your entire journey, listening to your needs and learning about your lifestyle. Together, you’ll develop a tailor-made plan to enjoy your experience as much as possible, making you feel totally comfortable.

2. Relax and get a head start make your peace of mind your highest goal!

Prepare some ‘only you’ time. Block your agenda and get ready to pamper yourself. Arrive at your consultation with enough time beforehand to make yourself comfortable and ready to enjoy your experience.

3. Dive in and do some research

Carry out your own research and browse our website to learn more about Mia.® You’ll get familiar with the Mia® features and what you should expect from both the experience and procedure. This information will help sort out some of your questions and prepare you for your consultation day. Learn more

What you should expect from the Mia® Experience

Dedicated Mia® Concierge assisting you throughout your entire journey

Tailored Plan: Your concierge will listen and learn about your lifestyle and desires

Performed only by Mia® Certified Plastic Surgeons

Mia® Certified Clinic for the best high-end experience

Certification of authenticity through a unique Mia® NFT Coverage Program

What you should expect from the Mia® procedure

Breast harmonization for one to two cups up with natural and discreet proportional results1

Resume your busy life on the same day of your procedure**

Exclusive high-tech system for a patented minimally invasive procedure1

A 15-minute procedure1* without general anesthesia2

Breast tissue preservation technique with small, concealed scars1

*Results may vary from consumer to consumer.

**Exercise is not recommended during the recovery period, and always follow your doctor’s advice.

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4. Talk openly to your surgeon

This key starting point enables you to achieve your desired look and feel. Plus, it will make you feel more confident with your Mia® Experience. Don’t feel afraid to ask any necessary questions or to express any doubts and concerns. If you feel unsure about speaking to your surgeon, practice what you want to say and be aware that your doctor has been trained to talk openly.1 Get the ball rolling!

5. Be prepared! take notes before and during your consultation

A checklist always comes in handy, so roll up your sleeves! Start by prioritizing your concerns while considering your medical history and any topics you’d like to discuss. Include your lifestyle activities and any other questions you may have. For instance, the desired breast shape and cup, what support you may require from your Mia® Concierge, warranty programs, and anything else you’d like to know. Bear in mind that there are no wrong questions, just the ones that are never asked. Remember, any relevant information you’d like to discuss is always welcome by your specialist. Once in the consultation, writing some notes is advantageous and allows you to review this information in depth later.

6. Fly solo or bring a companion along

Some clinics allow consumers to bring a friend or a family member to their consultation. This can be helpful as your companion can remind you to make specific questions or allows you both to tag-team asking questions. This can also make you feel more comfortable. Alternatively, you may opt to go by yourself after sharing your questions with a trustworthy person before your appointment.

7. Unleash body harmony

Unwind and let the Mia® Experience surprise you with natural1 , discreet and proportional results1 . Stay true to your essence and delve into a new whole world of true harmony for body-mind balance! How’s your preparation for your first consultation going? Got any burning questions? We’re all ears and eager to hear from you!

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