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If I had to define my body, I’d say it is a process under constant change. It is also my shelter, home, and the only thing I truly own. A good friend told me once that we need to take care of it in our youth to keep it as best as possible during our elderly life.

When I reckon with my body, I include memories, fine lines, and emotions. Curiously, the only way to hear my real emotions is when I entirely connect with my body and become aware of happiness, pain, tiredness, or any physical sensation that springs up naturally.

Women’s bodies are glorious and infinite. However, sometimes I guess that we are not allowed to complain or express our discomfort, being immediately judged. I’d probably say we are entitled to be honest and feel how we feel. Take the example of women’s breasts. Sometimes it gets hectic! Padded bra or push-up bra? How to know which is the right cup-size bra?

Similarly, changes in weight or aging make women feel unsatisfied or even unappealing. Even after breastfeeding, many ladies want their breasts back. Others think their breasts are not developed, or maybe they are simply unhappy with them, which is totally fine.

Along those lines, many feel judged by society and even guilty when considering breast harmonization. As a result, women end up living unhappily with their bodies for the rest of their lives. Is that healthy? Don’t we have the right to feel confident with our bodies? To what extent do we have to keep pleasing others or, even worse, a society and a mass of people we barely know? Quite frankly, my body is my decision, and I feel proud and empowered every time I make my own choices.

When I met Mia®, I was astonished by this revolutionary 15-minute breast harmonization procedure. Still, I was also stunned by My Breast Harmony, The Movement, and its profound and detailed understanding of women from all angles. It was just that. So, it’s high time to say goodbye to taboos and hello to open conversations.

Is Mia® right for me?

As part of the Mia® community, we decided to craft with love a fun quiz for all women who are up for a change.

You’re not looking for breast harmonization, but you want your breasts back because of breastfeeding, breasts not well-developed, aging, or changes in your body. Yes No
You are looking for breast harmonization, discrete and proportional results according to your body, for 1 to 2 cup sizes up. Yes No
You have a busy life with a hectic agenda, so you prefer a quick procedure in line with your lifestyle and social life. Yes No
You’re afraid or reluctant to general anesthesia, scarring, and pain. Yes No
You need to return to your schedule soon, meaning the same day or the following one. Yes No
You’re up for the best quality care and the highest standards, considering top professionals and breakthrough technology. Yes No
You are, and you want to feel, empowered and self-assured. Yes No
As a woman, you think you have the right to choose what you want, feeling fabulous and harmonious with your body, life, and soul. Yes No

If you’ve got more than 5 answers, “Yes,” congratulations!

You are totally honest with your feelings and open to expressing your concerns. As a modern woman, you are ready to embrace new challenges in life, and you know how to take care of yourself, being self-reliant, independent, and worthy.